Saturday, 7 December 2013


So that’s settled now. I am finally leaving my job. Don’t have a perfect reason why. Maybe because that I am tired of all the Bullshit. Tired of the System. Tired of my Coffee. Tired of my Computer. Tired of my Xbox (Yeah, I am a Xbox guy. PS4 can suck it.) Tired of the Landscape. Tired of the Principles. Tired of the Rules. Tired of Feeling Guilty. In total just tired of the way the world working right now. So I am going back to the Beginning. The one place where the Grass is always Green and the World around it are always Sweet. I am going back to the Good Old Days. To the place were I never get tired of anything. I am going back HOME.     

Monday, 16 July 2012

Beyond Memory

Reaching down to the starless heavy sea.
In the pitch black night.
Baku is a sunny wheat field.
High above on a hill,
Grains of light hit my face by the handfuls,
And the music in the air flows like the Bosporus.
High above on a hill
My heart goes out like a raft
Into the endless absence,
Beyond memory
Down to the starless heavy sea
In the pitch dark.

One More Sunshine

Others can carve out their space in tombs and pyramids.
Our time can't be trapped in cages.
Nor hope, nor laughter.
We let the movement rise like birds and planes and angels to the sky.
Ethernity it this.
Your breath on the window-pane, living walls with shining eyes.
The surprise of spires, uncompromising verticals. 
Knowing we have been spared to lift our faces up for one more day, into one more sunshine!!  

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Still Shocked???

I have many awesome friends. In that Zara is the best. She has a special character. She doesn't give a shit about what others think about her. She is a bit of potty mouth too. Do something that she doesn't like and you will be in big trouble. "Teri maa ki" is like a slogan for her. But I love that Girl. It might be because of her beautiful face or her attitude towards the world. Or may be its because she is the only Indian girl who is from my place. She was always different from from everyone else. Last week I went to see her in her house. She was going to South of France with some of our friends. I rang the calling bell and her mother opened the door for me. Me and her mother were real close. She always makes me nice food. I asked aunt were she was and aunt said she was having a shower. I sat there for almost 45 minutes. Then aunt said to me to go up and check on her. So i went up and knocked on her door. Then there was a question from the room.

" Who is it??? "
 " Its me stupid....I have been waiting for an hour!!! "

Then I heard " Come on in " But actually she said  " Wait a minute "
I opened the door and went inside. I looked at her and I just froze there. She looked at me with a
" what the fuck are you doing " look. I closed my eyes and exited the room in a second. In her room she was standing in her underwear. Its not like I haven't seen her in her underwear. Last year when we all went to Brighton beach, we were all in our swimsuit. But then I don't know what happened. It was the most embarrassing moment of my entire life. I just went down stairs and waited for her. She came down about
10 Mins later with her "You are in trouble, Bitch" smile. My face was as white as a English man. She came to me hit me on my shoulder with her handbag and asked

" You still shocked ??? "


Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Original Fairy Tale

 The Witch who eats children represent Acute Post Natal Depression. The Ginger Bread House is the Cravings during the Pregnancy Period. Hansel is the male gentry force, the Sperm. The Son of the Wood Chopper, the PenisGretel is the Egg. The Enchanted Forest is the Pubic Hair. The Warts on the Witch's Face is a STDCinderella is a Whore. The Ginger Bread Man is Gay. The Pink Stock is a Giant Cock. Little Red Ridding Hood is the Clitoris. Finally Goldilocks Fucks Animals.

                               ANY QUESTIONS ???                 

Monday, 16 April 2012

Lost n Found

Yesterday was the last day of my holiday. I came a day early from all the fun and craziness to sort my house out. Before that I had to go to my bank. So I went out. It was a beautiful day. I felt like walking. I started waking. I live on top of a hill. The steep slope was easy. I put some music on my phone. I saw boys coming from the opposite side. They were laughing and talking about something seeing this I felt like calling my buddy Bibin in India. I called him up and we started talking about everything that came to our mind. When I reached the bank I told him that I would call him after 15 min. I went inside the bank and started filling some forms and took out a check that needs to go in there. There were only 2 people in front of me. So everything was over in 10 mins. I came out of the bank and went inside my favourite bookshop. I was in my own world now. I can't go to sleep without a good book. After about half an hour, I came out of the bookshop & went into Starbucks for a coffee. Like always it was full of people. I waited at least 15 mins just to get in front of the line and it took another 15 mins to get my skinny latte. I came out of the mayhem to enjoy my coffee. I felt like I was forgetting something. Then I remember that I have to call Bibin back. I put hands in my jacket pocket for my phone. I couldn't find it. I searched in my jeans and my bags. I couldn't find it anywhere. I went back in the Starbucks. I looked everywhere. No, it not in there. I went back to bookshop. Searched every bookshelf I could see. Seeing me looking for something the girl who runs the shop came to me asked what’s wrong. I told her that I lost my phone. She became upset hearing this and she too began to look for it. We tried calling it & it went strait to voicemail. After taking down the whole shop we couldn't find the phone. I said to her that I might have lost it somewhere outside. I left the bookshop and went back to the bank. I entered the bank with my eyes fixed on the floor. I searched every bit of that small room. Still no sign of it. At last I gave up. I had insurance on that phone and all the no numbers in it has been written down. So I wasn't that sad or anything. Then someone touched my shoulder. It was a small girl. May be 12 or 13 years old. She asked me whether I am looking for that. I looked at the place she was pointing. And there it was, on the counter. I pressed the home button on the phone and a picture of a handsome guy appeared. Yes that’s mine....!!!! I thanked her and took the phone and came out of the bank. During my hike back to my house the only thing in my mind was whether I would have got the phone back if I were back in India.         

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Back Again.....!

Been so long since my last post may think I was busy or something. Actually I was stuck. Nothing came to my head. Life was taking new routes and had no idea where I was going or what I will encounter. It was like I had no control. After I left her, it was like I was lost . Two years with her I never told her that I loved her . She tried to tell  me , but the coward in me just ran away. Now I am back.... I don't know whether I can be like the old "ABY", but I surely can say that I will try to be better......!
 With Love and Passion 

 Aby Hash