Friday, 31 December 2010


When King Lear dies in act 5, do you guys know what Shakespeare had written? He's written "He dies". Thats all. Nothing more. No fanfare, No metaphor, No brilliant final words . The culmination of the most influential works of dramatic literature is "He dies".  I think Shakespeare, a genius, to come up with
"He dies". And every time i read those two words,I find myself overwhelmed with anxiety. I know its natural to be sad, but not because of the words "He dies", but because of the life we saw prior to the words. When someone have lived all the five of acts, I am not saying that we must be happy when someone is gone. I am just saying we must just turn the page. And if someone asks what had happened to him/her, just tell with all its pride and glory ,"He died"
                     "Life is an occasion , Rise to it."            

Is Love Fair ???

Yesterday I met an old friend online. He told me that he has got married. At first I thought that he was joking. Then I realized that it was the whole truth. He told me that he has a 1year old boy too. Then thanks to facebook he showed me his family. I was actually shocked by what I saw. The girl he married once was my classmate. She is barely 19. The thing was that they were in hard core romance. The girl once went with him before, when she was in 11th std. But her parents and relatives had it settled by complaining a case to the police and beating up the poor chap. The girl was told she was under age and she was sent home. But the twist was that she was already pregnant by that time. Her father and mother made the decision to keep the mother and child away from the father.But the girl and the little baby went back to him on the day she turned 18. This might be what happens when romance hits the head. But to my view when it hits the head you might be a little unconscious about what hit you. But after when you get conscious, you will surly feel the pain it had cause. He tells me that he is happy. He works at a silo at night and goes to collage in the morning. Both the families has abandoned them. The thing is, while the girl should be hanging out and telling jokes about her classmate,she is looking after a 1 year old boy.While she should be preparing for her exams,she is competing with life to keep up with it.While the boy should be sleeping in his warm bed,he is making a living for his baby. If any of these thoughts get into one of there minds, the whole family will fall apart. So I am asking you is love fair????

Tuesday, 28 December 2010


        Courtesy to Miss Karishma Susan Kurian 

 What's in a name? What's in the clothes that you wear? What's there in a brand, a price tag?

 As far as the sun shines, you are a creation of a force, not a mere one, the universal force.  you were born for me, for the air, for the breeze, so that you would feel it, breathe it and love me.........

Because I don't love your name, I don't love your clothes, it's you , the creation of this life that captured me. You are loved, not just by me but by everyone for not what your name is, nor for your brands. Your name is an identification, hold on to it as if it's a recognition tool.  Birth by itself is a miracle, the world awaits your call, reach out and grab it. Inhale, and let not the weight of this world burden you, as you are a delicate and beloved wonder of life. I'm always there around you, waiting for you to open your eyes......