Saturday, 14 July 2012

Still Shocked???

I have many awesome friends. In that Zara is the best. She has a special character. She doesn't give a shit about what others think about her. She is a bit of potty mouth too. Do something that she doesn't like and you will be in big trouble. "Teri maa ki" is like a slogan for her. But I love that Girl. It might be because of her beautiful face or her attitude towards the world. Or may be its because she is the only Indian girl who is from my place. She was always different from from everyone else. Last week I went to see her in her house. She was going to South of France with some of our friends. I rang the calling bell and her mother opened the door for me. Me and her mother were real close. She always makes me nice food. I asked aunt were she was and aunt said she was having a shower. I sat there for almost 45 minutes. Then aunt said to me to go up and check on her. So i went up and knocked on her door. Then there was a question from the room.

" Who is it??? "
 " Its me stupid....I have been waiting for an hour!!! "

Then I heard " Come on in " But actually she said  " Wait a minute "
I opened the door and went inside. I looked at her and I just froze there. She looked at me with a
" what the fuck are you doing " look. I closed my eyes and exited the room in a second. In her room she was standing in her underwear. Its not like I haven't seen her in her underwear. Last year when we all went to Brighton beach, we were all in our swimsuit. But then I don't know what happened. It was the most embarrassing moment of my entire life. I just went down stairs and waited for her. She came down about
10 Mins later with her "You are in trouble, Bitch" smile. My face was as white as a English man. She came to me hit me on my shoulder with her handbag and asked

" You still shocked ??? "


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