Tuesday, 28 December 2010


        Courtesy to Miss Karishma Susan Kurian 

 What's in a name? What's in the clothes that you wear? What's there in a brand, a price tag?

 As far as the sun shines, you are a creation of a force, not a mere one, the universal force.  you were born for me, for the air, for the breeze, so that you would feel it, breathe it and love me.........

Because I don't love your name, I don't love your clothes, it's you , the creation of this life that captured me. You are loved, not just by me but by everyone for not what your name is, nor for your brands. Your name is an identification, hold on to it as if it's a recognition tool.  Birth by itself is a miracle, the world awaits your call, reach out and grab it. Inhale, and let not the weight of this world burden you, as you are a delicate and beloved wonder of life. I'm always there around you, waiting for you to open your eyes......


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