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Failed Love..!

Love is not always those happy moments which can be cherished throughout life. Love sometimes (though very rarely) causes grief and pain. Sad Love Quotes are the reflections of such sadness and pain. The short sad quotes about love given below explains how it feel when the person whom you love leaves you.
These love quotes given below are Sad quotes and Sayings about love said by people who failed in love.
Love failure causes sadness, but continuing in love helps us overcome it.
Sad Love Quotes Collection Sad Sayings About Love
Can you live without a heart? because if you can I want to live without one.
Quote By- Jamie Myers Submitted By- Jamie Myers
Love; a blithe heroin
parallel : infection, poisoning the souls psyche slowly, leaving behind a deserlet landscape of nothingness in it's wake.
Quote By- Jamie Myers Submitted By- Jamie Myers
deepest love is de biggest sorrow in this world never love a person more than ur life it will hurt yu a lot when yu realise that ur love was not in their life.....
Quote By- RAMASUBU Submitted By- RAMASUBU
Quote By- Nathan Balcom Submitted By- Dani Debert
Do anything when you are in Love..

Don't give up anything when the other is not in love with you.....
Quote By- Dhanawada nirmal rao Submitted By- Dhanawada nirmal rao
She lied that she loves me for my happiness... I lied that I hate her for her happiness...
Quote By- Dhanawada nirmal rao Submitted By- Dhanwada nirmala rao
Loving you was a dream.... but leaving you was a nightmare
Quote By- Anonymous Submitted By- Rochelle
When she was my friend,
 I was a bit more to her.
When she was a bit more to me,
 I was everything to her.
And now,
 when she is everything to me,

I am nothing to her.
Quote By- Sabarinath Reddy Submitted By- Sabarinath Reddy
I hide my tears

when i talk with u

But i can't lie

2 my own eyes.
Quote By- Heartless Submitted By- Heartless
Love and cigarettes are the same one, coz both play a role in the lips, and kills the heart
Quote By- Madhu the love hater Submitted By- web
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