Friday, 10 September 2010

My failed Love !

Once I fell in love with a girl. She had pretty eyes. Her smile felt to me like the whole world...! I began to fell for her. She spoke with me with regret. Actually she never had a true conversation with me. Then one day it happened. She came to me with her shy full smile. Asked me whether I like her or not. It was like a dream to me. It was the only day of my life which had a meaning. Then he came, that devil that destroyed everything. He began to call her. He began spread bad things about me. He told her that I am a bad fellow and nobody likes my character. She began to think about it. He joined with some other jealousy girls make her believe that its all true. From the first day I saw her; I avoided my bad character and tried to live like a human being. But that day she came to me and said “you have changed a lot I hate you”. I changed for her but she dumped me................Is this what the world call LOVE ?        

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