Saturday, 2 October 2010

Friendship vs Love

He used to walk the lonely road of his village. His mind was empty. He had no worries or any cause to be unlikely. Then one day he saw her. She was so beautiful that it felt like an angel has came down to earth from the heaven to him. The first day she didn’t notice him. Then again he saw her in the same lonely road again and again. Then one day she smiled at him. He saw a small twinkle in her small cute eyes. He told her his love. With a shy smile she agreed and kissed his cheek.There relationship grew day by day. After several months he began to discover that she is more interested in his best buddy rather than him. When he asked her about this, she agreed that she always wanted his friend. The best way to get to his buddy was through him and she requested to him to introduce her to his buddy. Even though she broke his heart he simply smiled and introduced him to her. They were great together. His friend found from his sister that she cheated his buddy. He was furious. He dumped her and went to him with tearful eyes and asked him whether that he loved her that much to give anything she wanted. He replayed” it was not for that bitch, it was for you. I thought you too need some trouble in life. After all what are friends for”.                     

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